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To contribute to the learning of all students passing through, and generate interest in the learning of economics; to be a source of knowledge through interactive, engaging and entertaining learning methods.


  • To act as a forum for student interaction on socio-economic, financial and policy issues, and maintain a healthy and informed debate within the Club.

  • To aid and support any student in learning economics, through books/e-learning platforms/other media.

  • To act as a medium between students who wish to learn economics and subject experts, from both inside and outside the campus.

  • To provide corporations/non-profits/other establishments a platform to conduct workshops, games or lectures in the field of economics.


IIT Delhi Youth Parliament was conceived in early 2014 by the then coordinators of Economics Club IIT Delhi. The first edition of this conference was held in 2015 during Tryst, the techno-management festival of our college. The event was considered a grand success in terms of both the quality and quantity of participation. The second edition of the event was held in February 2016, during Tryst again. In the bid to evolve to be independent of Tryst in terms of finances, the team decided to collect a delegate fee. In spite of lower participation, the event was lauded for its quality by both the Executive Board and the delegates. The Youth Parliament, along with the Economics Summit, constitute the landmark events of IIT Delhi Economics Club.
IIT Delhi Economics Summit was one of a kind event organised during Tryst-2016 which saw huge participation from students all over Delhi. The theme for this year was "MAKE IN INDIA". This event offered a conducive environment for discussing agenda related to economic events. Delegates represented the different states and sectors of India and put forward their viewpoints about the steps benefitting their state. The event also saw a number of Interactive Guest Lectures by prominent economists including Former RBI Governer Dr. Bimal Jalan and Dr. Shekhar Shah. We are planning to increase the scope of this event next year to national level.
Economics Club regularly hosts "Tuesday Night Discussions", wherein every enthusiast is welcome to take part in open ended discussions with themes ranging in variety of fields of economics, politics, any other aspect of our economy of which we are an integral part. Everyone puts forward their views and every aspect is discussed. The Tuesday Night Discussion is quite popular in the college.
We conduct events regularly ranging from Guest Lectures to Strategy Games, from Mock Strocks to Quizzes. The events see huge participation from the students of IIT Delhi. Some events are competitive whereas some are not. We keep inviting eminent economists and policy scientists for lectures and interactive sessions to keep alive a vibrant atmosphere relating to topics of economics. In the past we have had the pleasure of hosting some leading economists like Amartya Sen, Montek Singh Alhuwalia, Anand Sinha and Bibek Debroy. We have constantly been involved in organizing workshops and lecture series on various facets of policy-making addressed by the likes of Suresh Prabhu, R Balasubramaniam, Parthsarthy Shome and Arvind Viramani. We are always striving to expand the horizons of intellectual discussion in IIT and the Delhi college circuit at large and we are confident that with your help we will be able to achieve those objectives.

Team Roles


Rishabh Mathur

Overall Coordinator

Abhijeet Anand

Coordinator, Events


If the KM team is the brain, then the Events team is the backbone of the club. No club can survive without conducting events. Our club has a history of conducting a wide range of events, like guest lectures, workshops, games, discussions etc. Further, the club also has to its credit two games of its own creation, namely "Mockstocks" and "The Capitalist Conundrum". The club welcomes ideas from every member with regard to the events it conducts.

Ashish Kumar Rai

Coordinator, Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management(KM)

The "brain" of the club. The Knowledge Management team, more popularly known as KM, are the ones who condense the content to be used in any event. From conducting the famed Tuesday Night Discussions, to handling the Facebook posts, to creating cases for case study competitions, to writing articles for the newsletter, the KM team is kept working throughout the year. While the KM team exists for a good reason, each and every executive in the Club is expected and encouraged to be involved in KM activities to the best of their abilities. This enables learning and also provides a platform for team bonding, as well as an avenue for healthy debates.

Abhilash Ramteke

Coordinator, Publicity


The Publicity team is responsible for publicising the events conducted by Economics Club. It includes posters and well as social media. It makes sure that all the people in the college know about our events and ensure maximum participation.

Sheik Mohammed Yahya

Coordinator, PR & CR

Public Relations and Corporate Relations

The marketing front of the club involved in popularizing the club in the corporate sector and collaborate with companies and other people to conduct events. The PR & has successfully maintained the reputation of Economics Club among other colleges in Delhi.

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